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Magic Car Clean

Mobile Car Detailing Service

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Text Box: Exterior Wash with our gentle PH neutral Auto Shampoo.

Exterior Wash

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Text Box: **This is also our standard ‘Maintenance’ Service** 

Add a hand polish at a discount of 50% or more!

Deluxe Wash & Vacuum

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Text Box: Range of Services Available
Text Box: Transit Van & Mini Buses

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Text Box: Vehicles need to be polished regularly unless “sealed” with a quality Paint Sealant for greater long term  protection.

Wash & Polish

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Text Box: Gives excellent results on upholstery & carpets.

Interior Deep Extraction Shampoo

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Two Details to choose from.  Both will give a very thorough clean of the entire interior.                       

Text Box: Interior Details

Services & Pricing

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Remember the brilliance of your Vehicles paintwork when you first bought it! Revive it with our Paint Rejuvenation Service.

Paintwork Rejuvenation

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Ceramic Paint Protection, the best protection against UV Rays, environmental grime, salt air, retards acid rain, dulling, bugs and much more! Effective & Affordable.




Text Box: Paint Protection

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If you have children or pets in your vehicle, this is a must!

Text Box: Interior Protection

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Keep your leather interior, clean, soft and supple, prevents drying and cracking.

Text Box: Leather Clean & Condition

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Thorough Detail of both Interior & Exterior

Text Box: Gold Detail
Text Box: Top of the range, total extreme Detail of Interior & Exterior of the Vehicle.

Platinum Detail

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Complete clean of your Vehicles Paintwork, includes Glass, etc., if affected. Removal of Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Wrap.


Removal Of Overspray & Foreign Matter from Paint Surface

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Degrease of engine & engine bay. Windscreen clarity protection & wiper replacement.

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Engine Bay Degrease & Windscreen Services

Clean & re-waterproof Convertible Soft Top

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Soft Top Care

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Body/Paint Repair Options

Dent Removal, Deep Scratch Removal, Paint Touchups or Re-Spray. Mag wheel repair. Hail stone  repair — paintless dent removal.

Paint Sealant—Long Lasting Polish

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A choice of two types of long lasting Polish which will both Seal and Protect the vehicle’s Paintwork for up to a minimum of 12 months