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Magic Car Clean

Mobile Car Detailing Service

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Text Box: Exterior Wash with our gentle PH neutral Auto Shampoo.

Exterior Wash

Text Box: **This is also our standard ‘Maintenance’ Service** 

Add a hand polish at a discount of 50% or more!

Deluxe Wash & Vacuum

Text Box: Range of Services Available
Text Box: Transit Van & Mini Buses
Text Box: Vehicles need to be polished regularly unless “sealed” with a quality Paint Sealant for greater long term  protection.

Wash & Polish

Text Box: Gives excellent results on upholstery & carpets.

Interior Deep Extraction Shampoo

Two Details to choose from.  Both will give a very thorough clean of the entire interior.                       

Text Box: Interior Details

Services & Pricing

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Remember the brilliance of your Vehicles paintwork when you first bought it! Revive it with our Paint Rejuvenation Service.

Paintwork Rejuvenation

High Quality Paint Protection, the best protection against UV Rays, environmental grime, salt air, retards acid rain, dulling, bugs and much more! Effective & Affordable.




Text Box: Paint Protection Services

If you have children or pets in your vehicle, this is a must!

Text Box: Interior Protection

Keep your leather interior, clean, soft and supple, prevents drying and cracking.

Text Box: Leather Clean & Condition

Thorough Detail of both Interior & Exterior

Text Box: Gold Detail
Text Box: Top of the range, total extreme Detail of Interior & Exterior of the Vehicle.

Platinum Detail

Complete clean of your Vehicles Paintwork, includes Glass, etc., if affected. Removal of

Overspray from various sources.

OvOv Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Wrap.

Removal Of Overspray & Foreign Matter from Paint Surface

Degrease of engine & engine bay. Windscreen clarity protection & wiper replacement.

Engine Bay Degrease & Windscreen Services

Clean & re-waterproof Convertible Soft Top

Soft Top Care

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Body/Paint Repair Options

Dent Removal, Deep Scratch Removal, Paint Touchups or Minor Re-Spray

Paintwork Enhancement

Maintain the brilliant gloss of your Paint Protection. No Paint Protection— enhance the gloss of your vehicle & make maintenance much easier! Lasts for 12 months